Kit Kat gives you a break from social media activities

Kit Kat is famous for its slogan: “give me a break.” Now, the chocolate bar is taking its catchphrase to the social media platform.

According to Kit Kat’s site, a portion of the 19-to-26 year old demographic in China, Singapore, and the United States is having problems maintaining their social media profiles. Specifically, these browsers say that they feel pressured to maintain constant communication with their contacts through numerous social media platforms. Furthermore, they feel guilty when they fail to respond to direct messages from their friends.

To solve this problem, Kit Kat is introducing a new widget, Social Break. With the widget in place, users will have an easier time maintaining and updating their files on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It performs different tasks for each social media site.

Experts anticipate the Kit Kat Social Break widget to be welcomed with open arms by their target demographics. If it succeeds, the chocolate bar brand intends to expand the widget’s functions and its market.

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