Klout’s Social Media Resume

KloutKlout had a radical redesigning of its service early in the second half of 2012 to make way for the ‘Social Media Resume” experience it wanted its users to have. The major overhaul was aimed at pulling more social media data, tracking more items, and making more reports available to its users.

Three major changes were covered by this revamp. This included a modified Klout Scoring, a refurbished layout, and Klout also made an effort to be more transparent with user content.

Klout scores are now coming from seven different social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, foursquare, Klout, and Wikipedia. Over 400 signals are now processed from these sites making for a more comprehensive and more accurate Klout Score System. Moreover, the score summary has also been changed to show users which sites and factors contributed most to their score.

The Klout interface was also modified and now looks similar to Facebook’s Timeline. Users can now view all content including how well others are doing and just who they are influencing on social media with the new layout. This allows users to easily access and monitor reports from Klout.

Finally, Klout is now more transparent regarding what goes into a user’s score. With the new layout, people can also now see which posts from what social network has made the greatest impact to other users.

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