Larry Garland Jazz Jam

Larry Garland Jazz JamLove to hang out? Join the jazz jam at The Press Room every Tuesday as Larry Garland Jazz Jam brings your eardrums to a spectacular moment. On July 17, 2012, Hoot Meister Jerry Tillet joins Larry Garland from 9 pm; while on July 31, 2012, Hoot Meister Chad Verbeck adds music at 9pm.

Larry Garland Jazz Jam is one of the longest running jazz jam informal sessions in the region with Larry Garland on the piano. The tranquility of jazz tones can help you to get back to your feet, relax after a tiring day, and prepare for tomorrow.

You can also enjoy burgers, soups and salads, sandwiches, appetizers, and entrée foods as you listen to the relaxing music of Larry Garland Jazz Jam. The Press Room is located at 77 Daniel St, Portsmouth, New Hampshire; the music restaurant features jazz, R&B, Latin jazz, and country tones.

You may visit for more information and details.

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