Leveraging social media for online brand building

Social media is an integral part of online brand building.

At first glance, the platform maybe intimidating. However, once you get used to it, a social media campaign is actually very easy to run. It’s just a matter of responding to consumers as well as updating interesting and relevant content.

Here are some sites you should consider subscribing for when you’re building a brand:

•    Facebook – This site, along with Twitter, are indispensable. Usually, you can use this site to post the company’s bio, pictures, and links.
•    Twitter – This site is the best way to send news and updates about your company to its customers.
•    YouTube – Videos are the most engaging content platforms out there. Use YouTube for promotions as well as advertising.
•    Google Plus – Similar to Facebook, this site offers a profile to setup bios and links. It also has SEO implications.
•    Pinterest – A very visually oriented social media site. Use it to showcase your company’s best work.

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