LinkedIn enhances its mobile features

LinkedIn Mobile AppLinkedIn—the social media site for professionals—has redesigned its mobile interface to put more emphasis on content, which should boost audience engagement.

The website claimed that the average work day extends beyond eight hours. Professionals constantly use portable devices to explore new ways to gain an advantage in their respective industries.

Bearing this in mind, LinkedIn is making industry-relevant content a big part of its subscribers’ online experience. The redesign also contains new tools for marketers.

In terms of gathering content, the mobile app surfaces content which are relevant to user media streams. Also, subscribers can now customize their navigation pages to preload features that they found most value in.

For marketers, high-quality content will be given emphasis. Since updates, news, and posts will appear in user pages, marketers need to make sure that they have strong online presence with consistent and high-quality posts.

Source: Brafton

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