Louisiana bans driving while using social media

Social media while drivingTexting while driving is already illegal in the State of Louisiana. And, beginning this month, accessing social media sites while driving will also be against the law.

“Distracted driving is a problem that we’ve seen across the state, and it seems to be growing,” said Melissa Matey, a Louisiana State Police Trooper. “Anytime you become distracted, 37 percent of your brain power is taken off the road. Which means you can get into a crash very quickly, you could possibly hit a pedestrian.”

Based on figures from the United States Department of Transportation, over 800,000 vehicles are being driven by someone using a cell phone.

On August 1, Louisiana will be implementing a new law that bans drivers from using social media sites—like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

“Because of the new technology we had to come up with some laws that address web-based access, posting and reading of wireless communication web-based websites,” said State Rep. Austin Badon for the district of New Orleans. Badon voted in favor of the new law.

Badon says that his next agenda will be to push for a hands-free cell phone law.

Source: www.wwltv.com

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