Marketing a brand in 140 characters or less

How can you make an impression with 140 characters or less? That’s the essential challenge posed by Twitter to brands and marketers around the world.

Search engine optimization specialists tend to get carried away when creating a Twitter profile. Most retort to stuffing Tweets and content spaces with keywords. That’s not how to do it!

Because Tweets are short, they need to be clever and memorable. For this purpose, it would be good for companies to invest in a professional writer. Working with such a short content space can be daunting for individuals without actual writing experience.

A company’s Twitter profile should focus on a couple of things: what and why. What is your company and why is it on Twitter? It’s that simple.

You can opt to get extended Tweets (160 characters) to express more thoughts about the matter.

At the top of the page, you should place the company home page, as well as the industry that the company is involved in.

As for the act of Tweeting itself, we retort back to cleverness. Also, timing your Tweets can be detrimental to their overall impact. There are tools on the web, which can analyze your Tweets. They study follower behavior, Tweet impressions, and many more.

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