Matt Fisher uses Social Media to burn Progressive Insurance

Progressive Insurance is learning how fast social media can create a public relations nightmare.

Matt Fisher, a comedian from New York City, recently posted a blog about the insurance company that went viral.

In his Tumblr page, Fisher narrated the story of her sister—whom died in a car accident. Her insurance company, Progressive, defended the other driver in court in order to avoid paying for the family’s claim on her insurance.

In response, Progressive sent an email to 9NEWS stating that the story was untrue. However, court documents indicate that the company participated in the court case and argued alongside the driver against its own client.

Since the incident, Progressive has stood by its earlier statement. In fact, the company Tweeted that it firmly believed that it “properly handled the claim.”

Fisher’s blog post has triggered a social media nightmare for Progressive. According to CNBC, research estimates that the incident resulted in around 16,000 negative Tweets about the company. And, as of press time, complaints were still flooding Progressive’s Facebook page.


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