Michelle Obama scores a “grand slam” in Twitterverse

United States’ First Lady Michelle Obama sent the social media figures above the roof after her emotional speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Upon punctuating her 13-minute speech, Twitter messages began spreading across cyberspace—some Tweets even suggested that Chicago native should someday run for President.

According to a count from Nielsen, the 48-year-old was watched by more than 26 million Americans across nine cable and network channels.

Michelle caused similar waves in the World Wide Web. Twitter users flooded sites with reactions regarding the First Lady’s speech.

Mrs. Obama reeled in 28,000 Tweets per minute as she ended her speech.

Wolf Blitzer, the popular anchor from CNN, said that Michele scored a “grand slam.”

Experts say that, next to Barack Obama, his wife was the most discussed name after the Democratic National Convention—which took place in Charlotte North Carolina. During the evening, #michelleobama and #firstlady were among the top hashtags on Twitter.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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