Microsoft partners with Klout

Klout and Microsoft have signed a deal to further explore the social media’s influence to search.

The integration of Klout to Bing will provide more social date in the sidebar of the search engine. It will factor in Klout’s “People You Know” meter.

“The Klout Score and topics are a helpful signal for understanding why you should trust recommendations from these experts,” commented Joe Fernandez, the CEO and co-founder of Klout, in a blog post. “By clicking through to those users’ Klout profiles, you can see their best moments and gain additional context and insights into their expertise. It’s the “social resume” at work!”

On the side of Klout, it will gain access to additional data points—which will be integrated to its “Moments” section. The social media site will also recognize experts who appear in Bing’s social sidebar.

“Over the next few months, we will include this data in the Klout Score and continue to add signals generated from Bing searches,” Fernandez said. “The coverage of people who have Bing data associated to their Klout account will continue to increase as Klout helps surface more influencers in Bing search.”

Source: Examiner

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