Mike Morris at the Press Room

Mike Morris at the Press RoomGet ready for a night of acoustic pleasure as musician guitar man Mike Morris takes center stage at the Press Room on July 5, 2013 from 9:00 pm onwards.

Mike Morris defies the stereotype of the solo acoustic musician. With bluesy vocals and bass-heavy guitar playing, performed on 6- and 12-string guitars, his sound moves effortlessly from folk and blues to rock and rap. With a distinctive percussive style that sets him apart from other solo artists, Mike turns the guitar into a kick drum, using slaps, pops and harmonics in a way few solo performers do. “The acoustic guitar is an incredibly expressive instrument,” he says, “and yet there’s something so simple about it. The electric guitar may have changed the world, but the acoustic guitar keeps it turning.

As any who have seen Mike Morris perform know, it is his live show that sets him apart from other singer-songwriters. His guitar playing has drawn comparisons to Michael Hedges, the radical innovator whose multiple tunings and funky larger-than-life sound elevated the acoustic guitar to a new level. His singing, called both “powerful” and “intimate,” has been likened to Peter Gabriel and Dave Matthews.

Tickets are sold for $5. For more information, please visit http://pressroomnh.com.


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