Minimum Usable Design (MUD)

Minimum Usable DesignIn May of 2012, Paul Scrivens wrote an article about MUD or Minimum Usable Design. Simply put, minimum usable design refers to that 50% mark where design is finished enough to function and to provide its needed service.

This applies to websites and logos. Scrivens said that working in 50% increments allows you to knock “knocking out half of what you need to do, eventually you will get close enough to your goal where good enough is as good as you are going to get.”

Anchoring on the idea of having the first half of the design progress should make the project at least 50% usable, when creating a project, the first thing you need to accomplish is the search box and button. This is because the search box and button will deem the site functioning. From there, you can further work your way towards finishing your design 50% at a time.

However, this does not mean that you should show your design to the public at the 50% mark. The minimum usable design principle is just a way to gauge your progress and to allow you to finish what needs to be accomplished first.

Minimum usable design lets you “aim for the next halfway point” that will get you closer to your desired end result. This allows you to make improvements on your design easier.

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