Mitt Romney is an active participant in his social media campaign

Mitt Romney is taking an active role in his social media campaign to become the next American President.

According to Zac Moffat—Romney’s digital campaign director, the Presidential candidate is consistently passing ideas for Tweets and is aware about the campaign’s social media account activities.

“He has definitely written his own [Tweet],” Moffat told a journalist during the Republican National Convention. While Moffat admitted that Romney is less involved at this stage of the campaign, he’s still engaged with the digital campaign.

Moffat also narrated how Romney has built a relationship with his social media team. Moffat explained: “More often than not, we’ll get an email with a photo in it saying this would be great to tweet out. That’s a lot easier for me to move through the process, when he emails in.”

At this juncture, social media is an integral part of election campaigns. Barack Obama is also dedicating similar efforts in digital cyberspace.

Source: Forbes

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