Mitt Romney’s comment causes spike in social media activity

For the past months, the social media battle regarding the United States Presidential race has been one-sided. Barack Obama has dominated the online platform with comprehensive more effective campaigns in numerous social media sites. But a recent comment from Mitt Romney is changing the tide.

In a recent private fundraiser, Romney said that half of all Americans say that they’re victims and are entitled to some form of government support.

The comment was echoed in the social media scene as many voters expressed support for Romney’s opinion. asked a similar question in their Facebook page and it has received plenty of comments. Here’s one of them:

Jodie Pillarella said, “Unfortunate but true. I do not receive any assistance myself, but more than 47% of the people I know DO feel entitled. Many of them manipulate the system to make it work for them.”

Of course, there were also negative remarks about Romney’s statement. Nevertheless, it spiked plenty of activity in the social media scene.


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