Mobile Marketing with Social Media

social mediaMobile marketing is essential for businesses especially now that smartphones are becoming more and more integrated in people’s lives. Thanks to these devices, people are connected online more easily and that spells business for brands like never before.

While it may seem like a ton of extra work needs to be executed for mobile marketing, the opposite is actually true especially if a business owner knows what platforms to use. Integrating this kind of business promotion becomes easier through social media. Below are some apps that can be used for this purpose:

  • Instagram

This is more than just a photo-sharing app in as much as it allows companies to promote their products and services as well as to raise brand awareness through pictures.

  • LinkedIn

The world’s largest online network for professionals also has a mobile app which allows access to updates, a user’s profile, messages, and groups. It allows brands to connect with prospects.

  • QR Codes

These funny square things are very useful especially for brands who wish for their customers to connect with them using social media through mobile devices. Simply generate a QR code for a brand’s URL and that can be printed virtually anywhere.

  • Facebook Promoted Posts

These are ultimately better than Facebook ads or Sponsored Stories since these appear on people’s news feeds. Using this can be a very cost effective way to acquire new followers.

  • Promoted Tweets

Twitter is one of the biggest social networks and it is more than just a micro-blogging site. Promoted tweets have a better chance of being seen by people who use Twitter from their mobile device. With that in mind, it is important to catch the attention of the potential customers on this platform.

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