New Facebook Feature: Scheduling Posts

FacebookFacebook has proven itself to be an indispensable tool when it comes to internet marketing. Facebook pages are being utilized by thousands of brands nowadays since social media has become main stream. These pages allow business owners to advertise freely and to communicate with their target clientele easier than ever before.

Since social media marketing takes a great deal of effort, scheduling posts have become quite important to be able to save time. In the past, there had been third party apps that allowed page administrators to queue updates on Facebook.

Recently, however, Facebook has launched its post scheduling feature. This allows posts to appear at a later time as set by the page administrator. By clicking on the clock button on the left of the window where updates are written. Admins can simply choose a time and date for up to six months ahead depending on when they want the post to appear.

Back dating is also allowed in the new scheduling feature. When the post is scheduled to appear on a date in the past, it would automatically appear on the appropriate place on the page’s timeline.

Facebook reminds page administrators that all times correspond to the time zone they are in.

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