Olympic opening ceremony dry run leaks through social media

On Tuesday, the social media world was buzzing about the rehearsal for the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony. In an attempt to keep the ceremony, director Danny Boyle pleaded for the spectators to “save the surprise.”

Thousands of people attended the rehearsal at the Olympic Stadium on Monday as the final test run for the $42-million ceremony was being conducted.

Boyle, the ceremony’s artistic director, told the audience—which was composed of organizers and other relevant personnel—not to leak any details about the much-anticipated worldwide event.

Boyle, an Oscar winner, and his team of creatives did a great job of keeping the ceremony secret.

Still, the 55-year-old said that he acknowledges the power of social media. He knows that the audience would leak information through Twitter, Facebook or other social media sites. Thus, Boyle knew that keeping everything under wraps was quite impossible.

Not to Boyle’s surprise, photos of the test run were quickly uploaded online with captions of excitement and praise.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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