On Black Hat SMM

Black hat techniques for web-based services are thriving these days. In fact, SEO and social media marketing are commonly tied with these techniques especially when brand owners demand great and immediate results. This goes especially true in t he brand awareness, conversion and sales aspect of SMM.

Black hat SMM generally involves deliberately defying the terms of service of a social network, using automated means to add fans to a brand’s account, and other methods to rig the system. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to discern whether a method can be considered as black hat or simply bad social media marketing.

While many social media purists criticize the use of such techniques, many SMM practitioners and even gurus ignore the unwritten rules of social media marketing. And this happens despite the running risks like being taken down from Google’s search index.

What makes it enticing for many brand owners is that it delivers huge results for a short amount of time. But there is no guarantee that getting as high as ten thousand followers will generate conversions that will benefit the company.  Moreover, there is also the possibility of a brand’s page being taken down from the social network.

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