On Black Hat Twitter Marketing

black hat twitter marketingOne of the most powerful tools for social media marketing (SMM) is Twitter. The ways leading to great results, however, take a long time and most business owners require quick and significant results. In order to meet these demands, SMM experts use black hat techniques allowing brands to advertise and sell better.

Since twitter marketing relies heavily on followers, automating the search for relevant users is a popular black hat technique. Programs like TweetAdder allow SMM experts to reach a better targeted audience, who can potentially be customers.

SMM experts also create dummy accounts that can follow the brand’s profile which creates artificial social proof. With thousands of “users” following it, actual twitter users will conclude that the profile is indeed trustworthy. Real users will start following the brands profile which leads to potential conversion and sales.

The dummy accounts can also be used to re-tweet a brand’s content and even ask real users to do the same. This makes a company’s tweets viral and popular in the Twitterverse which leads to broader audience reach for the brand.

While some people view these methods as negative, it cannot be denied that they deliver great results for a short amount of time. At the end of the day, it will only be a question of whether these techniques will be used responsibly or not.

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