Pakistan talks about social media

In Pakistan, the rise of social media is creating plenty of issues relating to its proper use.

Statistically, kids are putting away the books and logging into their social media profiles in Facebook and Twitter. Religious groups and political parties flood their messages across the Web, turning them into strong influencers for impressionable young people in social media.

Umar Saif spoke about the issue during the Jang Economic Session. Saif said that social media plays a vital role in forging opinions and mobilizing the public.

Dr. Ali Khalil, who also talked in JES, mentioned that most of the social media users in the 16-30 age demographic rely on it for information. Dr. Khalil stressed social media’s importance as a communication tool. However, he also said that youth who use it excessively end up wasting time online.

Talal Raza, another speaker, described social media as a knife. Its impact can be positive or negative—it all depends on how it’s used.

It’s all about perspective. While social media has plenty of potential, it needs to be used wisely.

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