Papa John’s gets social media support

Papa John’s, the popular pizza chain, is under attack from liberal criticism because its chief executive said it would cut employee hours to implement ObamaCare health insurance. But its appreciators have gathered in social media to support the restaurant.

Rebooting America, an upstart group, is proposing that US implement a national appreciation day for Papa John’s. The group is using social media to encourage people to buy pizzas at Papa John’s by documenting and promoting their visits to the restaurant.

“We just wanted to stand with Papa John’s because it is under attack,” explained Daniel Wetter, a 16-year-old boy who’s part of the group.

According to Wetter, the group Facebook appreciation page for Papa John’s received more than 1,000 supporters last Sunday.

Papa John’s is just one of many companies that have faced criticism and boycott threats for similar concerns pertaining to ObamaCare. Other restaurants include: Olive Garden and Applebee’s.

Source: Fox News

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