Pentagon ramps up social media efforts against insurgents

The Pentagon is taking up arms. In cyberspace that is.

The US military is strengthening its efforts against the Taliban’s growing social media presence by responding to falsehoods and violations on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Usually, Twitter accounts or websites associated with militant groups take credit for attacks regardless if they were actually involved.

Reps from the Army, however, say that most of the information provided by these sites is largely exaggerated or entirely false.

For its part, the Pentagon is now faster and more effective in responding through social media as well as other venues.

Shaping public opinion is a big part of winning against insurgents. Because of that, the social media platform is a critical battlefield.

In numerous occasions, militant groups upload statements and online videos that create a perception of chaos. In turn, it raises questions about the legitimacy of the Afghan government.

“Insurgents have always wanted to make themselves look like winners,” explained Christopher Paul of RAND Corp. “The Internet makes it a whole lot easier.”

Source: Tucson Citizen

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