Police use social media to get the job done

Social media policePolice from five countries gathered in Silicon Valley for a conference about using social media to keep people safe.

The Social Media, and Internet, In Law Enforcement conference or “SMILE” addresses the role of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook in implementing the law.

“You have to take part in it; people are talking about you, people are using social media to commit crimes, it’s just, it’s absolutely ignorant if you’re a law enforcement agency these days to not use social media,” said Lauri Stevens, a founder of the SMILE conference.

Stevens says that social media’s role in police has grown internationally since she founded the conference three years ago.

During the conference, numerous methods were discussed about how to integrate social media and the internet in police work. Some of them include: video platforms for street operations, promote reputation through interaction, as well as social media tools being used to monitor investigations.

Source: www.abclocal.go.com

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