Presidential candidates turn to Twitter

Social media will play a big part in the upcoming US Presidential Elections, and both candidates know this. @BarackObama and @MittRomney are on Twitter to compete for votes online!

Based on research, there are relatively few voters subscribed to Twitter. Still, there’s a portion of American voters that are subscribed to the mini-blogging site. Strategists and analysts believe that Twitter is now an essential part of political campaigns.

The advantage of Twitter is efficient communication. Most users rely on the social media site for news and other information relevant to their lives. This means that people are likely to read it from Twitter before they read or hear it from somewhere else, making it a powerful tool for marketers and even politicians.

While the social media site won’t be deciding elections anytime soon, it’ll surely be a part of political campaigns for today and the upcoming years. Using the 140-character space provided, politicians can influence media coverage, respond to accusations, and reinforce talking points.

In the past, radio, television, and the internet revolutionized the American political campaign. And social media is just the latest addition to this continuing evolution.

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