Recharge Ad Campaigns through Facebook Tools

Facebook ToolsNo matter how big a buzz your ad campaign can create, there comes a time when it runs out of steam, when conversations about your products and services begin dropping, and when your prospects just want to have something new from your brand. This is called ad fatigue, a term coined by authors Perry Marshall and Thomas Meloche. Below are three things Marshall and Meloche suggest to recharge your ad campaigns.

1. Advertise an event

Events are simple and powerful tools when it comes to increasing engagement with your clients and are also a great catalyst for conversations. Marshall and Meloche advice that you can invite your existing friends to attend you event for free and you can also advertise to your existing fans for very little money. The great thing is that Facebook takes care of the rest after people confirm that they will attend the event.

2.  Dive in to an “Ask Campaign”

You don’t have to worry if you have run out of things to talk about since you can simply run an ask campaign. This allows your prospects to initiate conversations. Ask them what they are most likely to ask an expert. Collate their answers and then you can get a specialist to answer their queries. What’s more, the collective response can be a great source of potentially new ads. You can also create free webinar that your prospects can attend.

3. Throw a Party

Creating and advertising events or parties related to your business can generate a ton of conversation. Through Facebook, you can get the word out about the event. You can create gatherings and activities that are especially targeted for your audience or clientele. According to Marshall and Meloche, “The more event-driven your business [is], the better your presence on Facebook because [it] is all about new, novel and different.”

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