Sales Pages for Small Businesses

JoomlaSmall businesses with a brand-dedicated website are most likely to have a sales page. As the name implies, it is a webpage where a company’s product or service is sold. It contains all the information that a customer needs in order to make a purchase. More often than not, it also has links that redirect to a sales cart or to a page that describes payment methods. Also, this can be made using different CMS or content management system platforms such as WordPress and Joomla.

Below are some tips for creating a useful sales page:

  1. Create a headline that demands to be seen. It must capture the customer’s attention while making promises about the product which makes them stay on that page and read the succeeding lines.
  2. Create a persuasive and promising opening paragraph. Make sure that it leads customers in, establishes rapport, and expands on the promise made in the headline.
  3. Establish credibility to encourage customers to buy a product or patronize a service.
  4. Include testimonials that reduce anxiety. Using positive feedback from past customers can be useful in attracting a new customer into buying a company’s products. This also allows new clients to know that a product or service really works.
  5. Finally, include a call to action that will encourage customers to hit the “buy” button. Include the benefits of the product or service and explicitly ask them to make that purchase.

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