Scaling Bill Clinton’s speech on Social Media

According to reports, Bill Clinton’s speech on Wednesday was a huge hit among journalists. But how was it received in the social media universe?

During the former President’s speech, related Tweets averaged 22,000 per minute. It wasn’t as high as Michelle Obama’s 28,000 Tweets per minute, but it was much better than Romney’s 14,000-Tweet-per-minute statistics.

The Tweets about Clinton’s speech were mixed—some were supportive while others were critical. In any case, reports say that Clinton gained popularity during the speech.

In Facebook, Clinton’s words earned more than 30,000 “likes.”

While there aren’t conclusive statements about what will happen in the upcoming election, one thing can be deduced: social media is now a big part of the American elections.

Both Presidential candidates are investing effort to win votes online. And, it seems social media will be a part of the election process for years to come.

Source: Human Events

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