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Serach Engine Marketing TipsBased from social media marketing tips, there are three things that a starting SEO practitioner must know: the relationship between keyword management and website content, metadata and tags and their use in picture tagging, and web linking strategies.

Since search engine optimization or SEO has become the most lucrative theme in web design and development, search engine marketing has followed suit and increased in demand. Many websites today including personal blogs now employ SEO tactics. However, proliferation of such methods rendered SEO to become generic and confusing.

Before being able to use SEM, one must first understand the well-established rules behind it. The relationship between keyword management and content has long been established.  A rule of thumb is that there should be no more than 2 keywords in each webpage and no more than 3 webpages per keyword. That being said, content should always be reader-friendly. Moreover, using keywords sparingly is a must.

In addition, using metadata and tags is another feat that one must understand and use. These tools do not only categorize content, but also makes it easy for the search engines to locate them through the categories they belong to.

Finally, SEM greatly benefits from link building since web links from well-established sites can generate traffic towards a website.

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