Sex offenders required to disclose their status on social media sites

In the US state of Louisiana, a new law has been passed requiring convicted sex offenders to disclose their criminal status on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

As is, most internet services search and remove sex offenders on their sites. However, State Representative Jeff Thompson believes that this precaution isn’t enough.

“I don’t want to leave in the hands of social network or Facebook administrators,” Thompson said in a related interview.

The law is an extension of an existing legislation, which requires sex offenders to inform neighbors and school districts in their immediate locale of their previous convictions. The aim is to provide better transparency and awareness.

According to a report from CNN, sex offenders are required to disclose their convictions as well as their residential addresses.

Violating the new legislation will result in 2-10 imprisonment and up to $1,000 worth of fines. Disregarding the violations will lead to further penalties.

Facebook, the popular social-networking site, welcomed the new legislation.

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