Should social media affect the workplace?

In Denver, a high-school teaSocial Mediacher has been sent on administrative leave as the institution’s leaders investigate her posts on Twitter.

Reports claim that the teacher is having some problems regarding policies of Cherry Creek School District. Apparently, some of the teacher’s photos on Twitter were deemed inappropriate by school administrators. The posts were viewable, because the profile was public and not private. Meaning, everyone has access to the social media profile.

Currently, a bill is being discussed in the state regarding social media and workplace discrimination. According to State Representative Angela Williams, the proposed Social Network Privacy Act is aimed at preventing applicant discrimination based on personal details.

“You are not hired based upon what you’re doing with your family or—you might be bike riding—or whatever you’re doing within your personal time,” said Williams in a related interview.

Furthermore, the bill prevents employers from asking an applicant or a current employee for their usernames and passwords in their respective social media accounts.

Williams says that six states have already passed similar legislations.


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