Significance of Facebook Marketing for SEO

Facebook marketingMarketing products and services on social media like Facebook is useful not only in generating sales and improving brand awareness but also in search engine optimization (SEO) because it greatly impacts a business website’s page rank.

Google has announced recently that it is now using a portion of social search for its listings. SEO experts have found this to be true when they discovered that pages that rank well on sites like Facebook tend to rank well in search engines.

Through Facebook marketing, brand owners can have a clear understanding of what kind of content to use. Social media also allows them to find keywords that they can use in on-page optimization.

Additionally, Facebook allows companies to share content with a targeted audience that is most likely willing to share these to their friends. This can result to more inbound traffic since social media allows quality and relevant links to be directed to a brand’s main website.

More inbound links mean better chances of ranking well in search engines not to mention generating conversions through lead capture forms and autoresponders placed strategically on a website.

Facebook also works well in reputation management. Positive buzz created from people talking about a brand is easily picked up by Google. These good referrals affect page rank as much as social search does and is good for the brand’s website.

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