SM Campaigns that Work

SMMThe success of a social media campaign is best gauged through its ability to persuade people to positively respond to its call-to-action. There is no magic formula for this to happen but there are certain elements that make this form of marketing effort effective.

Ideally, business owners begin with designing a campaign outline, sorting out staffing and roles, tactics and tools, and the modes of implementation. Executing marketing efforts online need the following elements: a compelling and convincing call to action, carrying the campaign outside of social media, and getting the target audience to engage and to create a buzz about the campaign.

In addition, brand owners also need to keep in mind the following:

  • Check out competitor campaigns not necessarily to copy their tactics but to get an idea on what works and what doesn’t.
  • Make sure to consider time, budget, and resource constraint relevant to the brand.
  • Avoid getting overwhelmed with social media. Make sure to establish a strong presence on a few networks rather than a dismal one across numerous sites.
  • Establishing a strategy has saved many business owners from headaches along the way. It is useful to develop a campaign that is specifically designed for social media and not simply adapted from standard marketing methods.

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