Small-scale businesses get large-scale results from social media

Large complements the small. At least, that’s the case for small-sized businesses and large-scale social media sites.

Based on a study from Rich Gordon and Zachary Johnson, more than 50% of all traffic leading to small-business sites are referred from Facebook and Twitter—the world’s social media giants.

According to the research, Facebook generates more than 48% of small-business traffic and Twitter is attributed to around 4% of these visits.

The study outlined the importance of social media marketing for both small and large businesses.

“Especially for small sites, it is now as important to have a Facebook page as a homepage,” said in the study. It was further explained that developing a Facebook profile is a great way to raise brand awareness and engage consumers.

Additionally, the study indicated that link-building for small-scale businesses can go a long way in online marketing.

Source: The Atlantic

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