Smartphones stimulate social media growth

Social media is continuing to show promise. Based on the latest report from Nielsen and NM Incite, consumers spend 30% online through their smartphones and 20% via their personal computers.

The research showed a 31% increase in the minutes people spend on social media sites. Experts attribute this sizable increase to the development of smartphones, which allow consumers to be continuously online while they’re on the move. Still, statistics indicate the PCs are still the primary means of accessing the internet and social media networking sites.

For 2012, smartphone spending has increased by more than 60%. Based on the figures, the most visited social media site is still Facebook in the United States. But as social media usage continues to increase, other sites are catching up to Facebook.

Via PC, Mark Zuckerberg’s site gets more than 150-million visitors. On mobile applications, the site has nearly 80-million users and, on the mobile web, the site has 74.3-million visitors. In the US, Facebook is also considered the top brand.

Source: Examiner

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