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SMM BloggingBlogging is one of the most important aspects of social media marketing in that it allows small businesses to provide high quality content to their target market which adds value to their services. Whether a business owner decides to do this personally or to outsource this function to professionals, there are a few key points to remember. This includes the following:

Write for the people who will read the blog. This function should be treated as an extension of a company’s services to its target audience. It should be useful and relevant in that the content solves people’s problems or answers their questions.

Focus on legacy content. While it may be useful to post time-sensitive content like news and updates about the industry and other related information to a brand, long term validity still trumps news.  Doing so allows content to have value for the audience and can also be shared via social media without worrying about its timeliness.

Get to the point with the content of blog posts. People who spend time on the internet typically have short attention spans. This means that brands should always focus on generating clear, concise, and straight-forward articles.

Use a consistent voice for blog posts. This allows brands to get their message across to their target market more effectively.

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