Social Media accounts for most online activities in India

comScore, a leading research company, says that social networking is the top online activity in India.

The report also identified Google Sites as the top destination for the month of June as social media sites was the top-ranking online activity. According to comScore, more than 25% of all online minutes in India took place in social media sites.

In terms of site destinations, Google Sites were followed by Facebook, Yahoo! Sites, and Microsoft sites. There were also a number of local web properties on the list.

Among the destination sites, Facebook was deemed the most engaging for visitors as they spent around four hours on the social media site in June.

Social media activities increased by almost 1% compared to the previous year. It still continues to be an integral part of daily media consumption in India. It was followed by Entertainment sites, Portals, and Retail sites.

Source: 9 Best Media Info

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