Social Media Community helps find lost dogs

In the past years, stolen or lost pets have gone up significantly in the United States according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Local police are less likely to react to this statistic, since they’re bogged by other problems. Fortunately, the social media community is jumping in to help find these lost or stolen animals.

Animal-loving social media users and affirmative-action groups have come to the aid of hundreds of owners. Facebook and Twitter are becoming venues to report stolen pets. Add to that, numerous dog-finding companies, devices, and apps, and there’s a sense of hope.

In lost pet cases, police take witness reports but rarely come up with leads about the animal. As explained in an article from the “Better records are impossible because the law defines pets as property, so even if a police report is filed, it won’t be flagged just because a dog was taken.”

In the past two years, AKC rep Lisa Peterson claimed that number of stolen and lost dogs have skyrocketed. While Peterson’s company is trying their best to help these animals find their way back to their homes, it proves to be a very daunting task.


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