Social media is killing the greeting card

These days, greeting your friend on his birthday is a lot easier. You can reach him on Facebook or send him a text message. But what happens to the practice of actually sending out a paper greeting card?

As reported on Boston Globe, Hallmark Cards—the largest manufacturer of greeting cards—said that the rise of social media and other forms of digital communication are weakening their business. Recently, the 110-year-old company shut down one of their factories in Kansas due to weakening sales.

Now, the company faces a worrisome future: is there a place for old-fashioned paper greeting cards in an increasingly digital world?

“Competition in our industry is indeed formidable,” said Pete Burney, senior vice president of production for Hallmark. He continued: “consumers do have more ways to connect digitally and online and through social media.”

In the last decade, greeting card sales in the United States has dropped by a billion annually based on Hallmark’s estimates.

Social media has become one of the primary mediums of communication for greeting or acknowledging friends and loved ones. Also, some sites offer custom-made greeting cards which can be sent via e-mail or even printed.

For its part, Hallmark has tried to adapt to the changing times. It has made apps and has partnered with specialized e-card sending service providers. Still, what will happen to its main production line?

Source: Boston Globe

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