Social Media is shaping America’s elections

In the United States, major television networks have expressed their intent to decrease their coverage of national political conventions. The channels are downsizing convention coverage in favor of breaking news or even major sports events. Can these choices reflect the media’s commitment to US politics?

The answer is a firm no.

With the rise of social media, traditional media is left with no choice but to make the adjustments. Through social media, voters are no longer just “watching” the conventions. They’re engaging in them. That’s the main advantage of social media—it offers real-time engagement.

Both Republican and Democratic parties have setup fully developed interactive campaigns that incorporate numerous social media channels, including Twitter and Facebook. These online campaigns ensure that voters have access to all the respective campaign events.

Best of all, voters no longer have to stay at home to watch important campaign events. They can watch them on-the-go through their tablets, smart phones, and other mobile media accessories. And this is changing how candidates campaign for elections.

Source: The Arizona Republic

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