Seacoast Social Marketing Offers 4 Levels of Monthly Service


Our Basic Package starts at $199.00 a month and includes 3 simple services designed to keep you visible Socially.

Each month we write and post a blog article on your behalf, we update Twitter and Facebook daily on your behalf, and we post information about your business at sites that allow you to market your business through their pages.

It’s a simple package, and it represents the bare minimum you should be doing with your online presence

Social Media Packages

Level 1
Our team sets up and connects your website to the major social media channels (Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook) and writes a monthly blog post….
Level 3

if you are looking to take your business to Maximum Social overdrive, this is the package for you!  Triple the output of the Basic Level 1 package and more …

If you want to see a real impact on your traffic levels you have to do more. Especially if your online competition is beating you in the search engines. We can help you pick the right package for your business, first by analyzing where you stand  and where your competition stands.  We also assess your requirements going forward and depending on your goals,  you can choose the level of activity you wish to achieve online.

Our packages are complete. All aspects of the social marketing framework are included. The major choice you make is in increasing activity levels of each plan. The more you do, the more awareness for your brand you create. As you ramp up activity, every aspect of your program makes you more visible. SEO, Social Interactions, and brand awareness are enhanced as activity increases.

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