Social media played an important role during Hurricane Sandy

Social MediaAs Hurricane Sandy ravaged the United States last year, social media displayed how it could be a positive platform to deliver help to those in need of it. When the dust settled, sites—like Facebook and Twitter—greatly aided rescue and recovery efforts across the country.

During New York’s social media week, representatives from relevant organizations—including Con Edison and MTA—discussed their interactions with people (during Hurricane Sandy) and how these relations molded their protocols as the hurricane subsided.

Michael Clendenin, Con Edison’s director of media relations, says that he gained 16,000 Twitter followers after Hurricane Sandy. He also mentioned that Con Edison’s Sandy-related video uploads instantly gained 100,000 views.

“The most important thing we gained from all of this is people notice someone is paying attention,” said Clendenin. “It gives people at least some kind of satisfaction.”

Aaron Donovan of MTA says that Twitter delivered information quickly. MTA’s employees were encouraged to take snap shots and videos as they were surveying damage. The videos were used by television news outlets while the photos were constantly shared across cyberspace.

Donovan said that he learned the value of incoming social media feeds. “The incoming feed is almost as important as the outgoing feed,” claimed Donovan.

Source: The Guardian

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