Social media posts can be used to trace you

Social MediaMost social media users don’t care what they post and upload on Facebook and Twitter. But the act isn’t as simple as it sounds. These posts can be used to track their uploaders.

As reported by the Guardian of London, Raytheon—the manufacturer of Patriot missile defense—has developed state-of-the-art software that can collect and analyze data from social media sites. According to reports, even photos taken from smartphones can be used to triangulate locations.

Raytheon claims that its Rapid Information Overlay Technology (RIOT) has yet to be sold to any client.

Lawmakers are concerned that RIOT may violate civil liberties if it’s given to the wrong hands. Technology is developing at an unprecedented pace. Laws need to be ready to quell their potential for abuse.

Raytheon says that it considering sharing the technology with the United States government and industry, based on reports. Experts say that the development of RIOT needs to be monitored and its potential violations need to be addressed by congress.




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