Social Media: Quantity vs. Quality

Social Media MarketingEstablishing online presence has increased its importance nowadays given that most customers are spending a lot of their time online especially on social networks. Recent statistics show that internet users spend 22.5 percent of their time on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the like while online.

This paradigm shift has lead brands to setup accounts on every social networking site imaginable without even realizing why they have to do this. According to a recent study, up to 25 percent of small to medium-sized businesses do not have a social media strategy. Moreover, 30 percent of companies respond to feedback from social media, 26 percent include a call to action in their tweets, 56 percent of customer tweets are ignored, and up to 39 percent of companies do not track their social media responses.

Using social media has to be proactive for it to be beneficial for businesses. Even if a brand has an account on all of the social networks available today and it has millions of followers, if there is no interaction and if they do not amp up the quality of their posts and customer service, all of their efforts will be futile.

Quality always trumps quantity. Companies need not have multitudes of accounts to create buzz online. Sometimes, utilizing just a couple of sites is enough as long as one realizes their true value and uses them properly. Focus on sharing the right kind of content and on building communities instead of blindly amassing followers that do not even share the same passion that the company has.

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