Social media raises awareness for Batman shooting in Colorado

The shooting spree at “The Dark Knight Rises” premiere in Denver, Colorado quickly spread across numerous social media platforms as videos and pictures of the incident were seen by people around the world within minutes of the tragic attack.

The Aurora shooting incident flooded Twitter status messages and Facebook posts, expressing concern, sympathy, and even disbelief for its victims.

According to reports, 12 were killed and 58 were injured in the incident, which was perpetrated by 24-year-old James Holmes. Photos of the multiplex were all over the internet just minutes after the attack, raising awareness about the tragedy around the world.

Cast members of film have expressed their condolences to the victims’ families. The production team cancelled scheduled premieres around the world to grieve for the victims.

Leading man Christian Bale went to Colorado to visit victims of the shooting in the hospital and a memorial across the theater. According to reports, Bale did not inform the media of his visit. However, patients in the hospital were quick to post their photos with “Batman” on Twitter and Facebook.

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