Social Media sites you need to bookmark

Social media has carved a bigger role in society. More than just a way to pass the time, the platform can now be used to establish contacts, create new ones, and even market products.

Here are some sites that people should take note of:

•    LinkedIn – This is the top site for setting up professional contacts. It offers you the chance to build social capital on your professional circles.
•    Facebook – Probably the most used social media site in the world. While it’s not as professional as LinkedIn, the site can also be used to build contacts.
•    Pinterest – A great site for marketers to display creativity. Setting up a profile can be integral in brand building.
•    Twitter – This micro-blogging site can be used for social and business purposes. Tweeting is a great way to promote products and services and stay in contact with friends and loved ones.

There are many social media sites out there. All you have to do is explore them!

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