Social media users talk about American Idol

Despite a 27% drop in its television viewers, the American Idol finale broke numerous records in social media.

Viewers issued more than 1 million comments across multiple social media platforms during the two-hour finale, which made it the most talked about finale in the series’ history.

In terms of stats, the season 11 finale steamrolled over many finales, including Pretty Little Liars, The Voice, and The X-Factor. The show also incited the most comments for the entire season with nearly 6 million comments.

Experts claim that singing competitions, like American Idol, are definitely a key stimulator in social media. Finales keep social media subscribers engaged online.

At the conclusion of its season finale, American Idol crowned Phillip Phillips as the champion over Jessica Sanchez. The episode was filled with great performances from renowned bands and artists, including Aerosmith, Rihanna, Neil Diamond, and Jennifer Lopez.

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