Social media voices outbursts about NHL’s referee lockout

As the NFL referee lockout continues, fans took to social media to voice their disappointments about the current situation.

In the past weeks, the games have been called by a group of replacement referees—who have been under intense scrutiny from players and coaches. And now, even the fans are expressing their discontent about the replacement referees.

According to reports, die-hard football aficionados are using social media and the internet in general to air out frustrations about some questionable calls. Twitter, Google, and Yahoo! have recorded increased activities pertaining to the NFL’s replacement refs.

Here’s a quick glance of the statistics compiled by ESPN’s Katie Linendoll:

• 680,000: Number of tweets about refs in the past month

• 170,000: Number of tweets about NFL refs in Week 2

• 100,000: Number of tweets about NFL refs in Week 1

• 50,000: Number of tweets about NFL refs on Opening Night

• 594: Percentage increase in Yahoo! searches for “NFL referees” this week, following a 1,239% increase last week

• 210: Percentage increase in Google searches for “replacement referees” during last month, with searches reaching a high Sept. 10, the day after the first full week of football. The search is particularly popular in California.

• 75: Percent of Sunday’s ref-related tweets that were negative (according to

• 26: Percentage increase in Yahoo! searches for “NFL referee lockout” this week, following a 149% increase last week

As aptly put by Linendoll, “No matter whom you are rooting for, at least we can all rally around one thing: We want the old refs back.”

Source: ESPN.go

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