Some Australian B2B firms aren’t using social media effectively

Social MediaAccording to a government-backed study, most top-tier companies in Australia aren’t using social media sites effectively.

The research sampled 207 of the country’s leading business to business (B2B) firms. It found that 30 of them had no online influence.

Lead Creation, the author of the research, says that successful use of social media can generate more sales for companies and brands.

According to Toby Marshall—Lead Creation’s managing director, many B2B companies have set up social media profiles without a clear purpose for them. “Building it [social media] into day-to-day business activities is still in its infancy and only a few have cracked it,” said Marshall in a related interview.

Companies from the airline, telecommunications, accounting, banking, and motor vehicle sectors were the top performers in the study.

Source: The Australian

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