Study says it’s common for people to check on their ex-lovers via social media

FacebookDo you check on your ex-girlfriend on Facebook? If you said “yes,” you aren’t alone!

According to a recent study about the World Wide Web, it’s common for individuals to use social media sites to monitor the lives of their ex-partners. Most of the time, people keep themselves updated by viewing ex-lovers’ photos, videos, and other uploads.

“Prior to social networking tools, it was more difficult to monitor a former partner’s life,” explained Dr. Brenda K. Wiederhold, editor-in-chief of Cyberpsychology. “While social networking provides many positives, the ability to conduct interpersonal electronic surveillance may lead some individuals to suffer with prolonged feelings of uncertainty after a relationship ends. These results presented here should, however, be interpreted with caution, since the sample was comprised of heterosexual college students and may not extend to other groups.”

For more on the study, please visit this link.

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