Teenagers use social media to hitch a ride home

Online HitchhikingTeenagers aren’t only using social media to connect with their friends. They’re also using the platform to find out more about transportation. And, according to some analysts, this information access has its risks.

In a report from turnto23.com, some students post status messages that say they need a ride home. Unfortunately, these types of status updates can be used against them by assailants that monitor the social media stratosphere.

According to a student, taking a taxi cab is very expensive compared to hitching a ride with a friend.

Posting transportation status messages is becoming very prevalent among the youth.

Crime prevention specialists say that technology is partly to blame for the excessive sharing of information online. Teenagers tend to ignore the risks of posting such messages due to the convenience of smartphones.

In addition, investigators confirm that online hitchhiking is an emerging trend around the nation.

“There are websites dedicated to these ride shares and all you need is an e-mail account,” commented Ashley Glover, a Crime Prevention Specialist from the Kern County Sheriff’s Office.

In these sites, inappropriately configured privacy setups can spell the difference between sharing information to personal contacts and unveiling it to strangers.

“As parents we need to be more responsible,” continued Glover. “We need to check what our kids are putting on their Twitter, on their Facebook.  They need to have those things private, I know its hard, but we just have to monitor everything that they do, their phones, their texts even.”

Source: turnto23.com

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